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Full Circle Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Tech Accelerator 


Tech Accelerator Members pool their financial & intellectual capital to scale tech-enabled nonprofits.

Time Commitment: 2-5 hours/quarter


Program Goals
  • Build a network of experts from across the tech sector that can deploy significant financial & intellectual capital

  • Train tech sector members on how to effectively partner with nonprofits with empathy and a lens of equity

  • Train nonprofits on how to leverage tech sector experts to accelerate their organizations

  • Source scalable, high-impact tech-enabled nonprofit organizations from a network of social impact investors and subject-matter experts

  • Deepen cross-sector engagement and build a better Bay Area

Member Requirements
  • 5+ (ideally 10+) years of experience working in the technology sector, preferably in a leadership position 

  • Capacity to join Full Circle Fund at the Accelerator Fund Level - $5,000 donation 

  • Ability to attend Member Orientation in-person and at least 3 of the 4 working sessions (remote attendance supported)

Grant Partner Requirements
  • 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4)

  • Live technology product or service

    • with a clear roadmap projecting at least the next 6-12 months

    • that serves the Bay Area community (at least in part)

  • Senior program staff must be based in the Bay Area, and ideally, are composed of diverse leadership that reflects the communities being served​



Upcoming Economic Opportunity Round

  • 03/06/2019 / In-Person Member Orientation Session (Members only)

  • 03/27/2019 / Online (webinar) Member Orientation Session (Members only)

  • 03/13/2019 / Grant Partner Orientation Session 1 (Grant Partners only)

  • 03/25/2019 / Grant Partner Orientation Session 2 (Grant Partners only)

  • 04/10/2019 / Pitch Night (Members and Grant Partners)

  • 05/01/2019 / Working Session 1 (Members and Grant Partners)

  • TBD / Working Sessions 2-4 (Members and Grant Partners) 


Note: Events typically take place ~6-9pm in downtown San Francisco


Logistics of our Tech Accelerator Fund


Time Commitment: 2-5 hours/quarter


  • Member Orientation

    • Advising Tech Nonprofits training led by Shannon Farley, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Fast Forward

    • Context Setting training

    • Briefing on our five nonprofit finalists in preparation for Pitch Night

  • Pitch Night

    • Nonprofit finalists pitch Members followed by Q&A

    • Members vote and 3 winners are chosen who will each receive over $20,000 and the intellectual capacity of Members throughout the Round 

  • Four Curated Working Sessions (over 6 months)

    • FCF staff works with each Grant Partner to first understand their most pressing challenges

    • Before the first Working Session, a project is defined and Members are paired with Grant Partners based on their skill-set to maximize their impact 

    • Members and Grant Partners meet at the first session to kick off the project and will conclude the two-month "sprint" at the second session where they will report to the broader team on their progress

    • The matching process will repeat for Sessions Three and Four (although for more complex projects, Grant Partner/Member teams may remain the same)

  • In addition to the above, Accelerator Members will have access to all of the Full Circle Fund Community programming, including:

    • Capacity Building Workshops - facilitated strategic consulting opportunities where you can partner with other Full Circle Fund Grant Partners

    • Community Convenings

      • Curated talks from thought-leaders across the social-sector

      • Annual Member retreat

      • Networking events

    • Access to supplemental training

      • Board Fundamentals - series of trainings designed to build your social impact acumen

      • Mentorship and facilitation opportunities to support impact



I am ready!

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This curated grant-making process leverages the expertise and network of Tech leaders to source high-impact tech nonprofits in the Bay Area.
Members pool both their financial and intellectual capital to support grantees as they scale tech-enabled solutions.

I'D Like more INformation...

Expand your knowledge and grOW as a leader

Learn about trends and solutions in social issues by partnering with Bay Area based nonprofits. Participate in tailored educational programs and thoughtleadership sessions.

Leverage your strengths and resources

Utilize your expertise, skills and network to accelerate the success of inspiring leaders, organizations and social causes.​ Share your lessons. Mentor rising leaders.

Amplify your impact

See your financial contribution go further with curated set of best local organizations through our giving circle model. Experience the 'beyond the dollars' approach of creating lasting strategic impact. 

Make meaningful friendships and connections

Gain access to thought leaders and social changemakers across private, nonprofit and public sectors. Meet like-minded people and garner content you cannot get on your own. 

Improving the effectiveness of education for underserved communities

Enacting positive environmental change and promoting the green economy

Investing in innovative and scalable models

Identifying and advancing solutions in public health and healthcare


Connect with other local changemakers 

NONprofit Resources

Best practice organizational tips & tools


Have an idea or want to get involved tell us more!

Through Full Circle Fund, I’ve been able to meet professionals with diverse skillsets and experiences who are making an impact in education. This has helped me to develop a deeper understanding of equity and access issues in the education space and inspires me to embark on my own journey of impact as well.

Brittany Cheng, Product Manager, Yelp​

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