Full Circle Fund is a nonprofit and community that leverages its professionals’ time, resources, and intellectual capital to accelerate nonprofits and build a better Bay Area.

Members from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors work in partnership with local nonprofits to scale solutions to the biggest problems affecting communities.  Through its unique model of engaged philanthropy, Full Circle Fund has unlocked over $12 million in positive social change.

Leadership & Staff

We have a dynamic, committed group of leaders who enable us to create lasting change through directing Full Circle Fund’s grantmaking initiatives, programs, stakeholdership, and operations.


The leadership includes our Staff, Board of Directors, and Co-Chairs.

Impact Areas

Full Circle Fund’s impact is divided among four issue areas, which we refer to as our Circles: Economic Opportunity, Education, Environment & Energy, and Health. The four Circles enable Full Circle Fund Members with a common interest to join forces with local nonprofits to practice “engaged philanthropy” in our four Impact Circles. 


Full Circle Fund brings together socially conscious Bay Area changemakers to address today’s most pressing issues. Our robust programming allows Members to engage in the way that works best for their interest, availability, and finances. 

Nonprofit partners

Over the last 16 years, Full Circle Fund has partnered with 100+ local nonprofits to accelerate impact through our Grant Cycle. The unrestricted funds raised by our network provide our nonprofit partners with the resources to grow.


We also support the work of 60+ organizations annually with pro-bono consulting as part of our Nimble Nonprofit flexible engagement series. 

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Full Circle Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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