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Full Circle Fund | 2015 Annual Report.

Last year represented another milestone in Full Circle Fund's journey, as we launched our largest Grant Portfolio to date and hosted our 15-Year Anniversary Gala at City Hall.

Learn more about the diverse interests of our growing Membership and highlights throughout our 15 years of partnering for good.

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Improving career readiness in the tech sector.

While the San Francisco tech boom has created thousands of jobs, low-income Latino families still face numerous barriers to economic success and stability.

Read how Members of our Education Circle partnered with MEDA’s Mission Techies Program to close this gap by providing unemployed and underemployed, primarily Latino youth with the support they need to launch a career in the technology sector.

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Changing the conversation around climate change.

Industrial agriculture has taken a toll on the environment and on food quality, resulting in today’s farms losing up to 70% of their original carbon content.

Read how Members of our Environment and Energy Circle partnered with the Center for Food Safety’s Soil Program, a national public interest organization, to raise awareness around these complex challenges and encourage organic, sustainable agriculture.

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Improving re-entry and combating recidivism.

The future is challenging for former prisoners: one year after release, 60% are unemployed, and 67% are re-arrested within three years. This has dramatic ramifications for the individuals, their families, and society.

Read how Members of our Economic Opportunity Circle formed a joint partnership The Last Mile and Defy Ventures to break this cycle and improve opportunities for current and former inmates.

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Improving wellness and aging.

End-of-life decisions cause extraordinary stress for patients, families, and society in general. Today, 40% of hospice patients come directly from Intensive Care Units, and spend just a few days in palliative care before dying.

Read how Members of our Health Circle partnered with Zen Hospice Project to further change the experience of dying and expand their Mindful Caregiver Education series.

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Fifteen Years of Partnering For Good.

How do you make a lasting impact in your community? Over the last 15 years, Full Circle Fund has grown to a network of nearly 200 Bay Area professionals united by one common goal: to affect meaningful change by leveraging their talents and resources.

Learn about our model through the Members and Grant Partners that have partnered together to make an impact in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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