What does your activism look like?

By Fernande Legros, Full Circle Fund Program Officer The past week has been nothing but shocking and disheartening.  For most of us, the past few days have been spent ingesting Facebook posts, articles, and tweets, eyes glued to our mobile and TV screens, as we watched the world we knew and the rights hard...Read More

Shaping the future we want – 2017 Kick Off

By Fernande Legros, Full Circle Fund Program Officer What happens when nearly 200 people come together to envision a different future? Difficult truths are spoken. Varying perspectives shared. Deeper questions asked. New friendships formed.  On the heels of the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,...Read More

A Different Kind of Resolution for 2017

By Jay Hirschton, Full Circle Fund CEO I want to invite you in joining me in my New Year’s resolution. While my dad-bod could use a few extra trips to the gym, and I should probably read a few more novels rather spending hours thumbing through Facebook, this is a different type of resolution.
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